waving past nirvana

Queens-based band WIVES have just dropped their new single, Waving Past Nirvana, and boy does it rock. With discreetly furious guitars, and some 90s sounding vocals, this single promises a lot in a time that's lacking a young and vibrant rock sound.

Of course the Nirvana reference works in two ways. On a metaphysical sense, we see the main character in the video abandoning whatever peace of spirit she may encounter in order to realize her more urgent earthly desires. But on an allegorical sense, we find a young band, who in a post-Grunge world, expresses their creativity through electric and non-conformist music, drawing on the past as a beacon for originality. 

As you share tight stages with three or four other bands, playing your way through decadent smoke filled rooms all over town, it becomes clear that the rousing New York of The Strokes and Lizzy Goodman’s Meet Me in the Bathroom is long gone. But that hasn’t stopped WIVES from exploring everything this new normal has to offer. And as hard as it may be to emerge from the underground punk scene nowadays, having recently signed with Berlin indie label City Slang, the future looks promising for this Queens band. 

With their debut album planned for release on June 28th, catch WIVES in Berlin at the end of April as they embark on their first European tour.