volcom, leica camera & solo on a mission

Change of sceneries with minus 5 degrees celsius, snow outside and a heavy, dark, dusty, rusty and rough sorrounding. A huge building with an amazing construction in the middle of a breathtaking landscape awaits the crew, who dares to skate and explore: "Ben, put on your beanie and a proper warm parka, it ́s going to be a long day".

The lost place was untouched by skateboarding, NeverBeenDone and inviting to discover rooms with their old inventory and walk paths that haven ́t seen any footsteps for a long time. The crew consisting of Daan van der Linden, Eniz Fazliov, Chris Pfanner, Alain Goikoetxea, Tim Rebensdorf, Alex Schultz and Ben Raemers were accepting the challenge, while Volvom, Leica Camera and Solo Skatemag supported the mission. Watch the old lost concrete factory becoming alive and getting conquered:



video by Phillip Reinhard @philippreinhard
photos by Jelle Keppens @reapermachines & Phillip Reinhard