Parisian photographer Karl Hab releases his fourth edition photo-book, titled 24H HONG KONG. Conceived as a follow-up to the previously-released 24H LOS ANGELES, 24H HONG KONG is the second instalment of Karl’s ongoing city series project that he plans to expand throughout his career. 

In his new book, Karl takes you on a 10,000-mile-high journey exploring the geometric architecture of the city. His eye is naturally influenced by the unrevealed beauty of Hong Kong’s saturated landscape. Inspired by this cross-cultural hub, 24H HONG KONG puts a larger focus on human and the daily routines of locals from the ground to the sky, capturing the artist’s love for life in Asia’s World City which he considers his second home. He really tried to show the contrasts of the city through his own vision. 

Opening with an introduction written by renowned graffiti artist Futura 2000, this new edition book features original photographs that captures distinct Hong Kong scenery from modern cityscapes to red Island cabs, to pastel basketball courts and abandoned MTR stations. The original idea has changed through the years, in order to only show a pure vision of the city during a shorten time of 24 hours. 

As for the first Los Angeles book, there is also the GPS coordinates as well as information representing the captions of some photographs. It also respects the chromatic order from day to night. 


facts:196 pages 20 x 27 cm  €50 EUR / $70 USD

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