Pictoplasma 2018

Stare into the Face Machine

The International Conference and Festival of Contemporary Character Design and Art is back!

May 2nd-6th, the 14th annual Pictoplasma Festival turns Berlin into the global epicenter of character design and art—a whirlwind convergence of international artists, illustrators, filmmakers, as well as game, graphic and product designers. Creators and producers gather for a central conference to exchange strategies for figurative aesthetics, while the festival invites the public to immerse themselves in new trends and worlds. Cutting-edge screenings bring the freshest animation to the big screen, a string of exhibitions throughout the city present outstanding works, while performances confront characters with audiences face to face.

In its 14th edition, the festival activates the 'Face Machine,‘ showcasing character design by virtuosos of the discipline. They challenge our understanding of facial recognition and demonstrate character power at its most emotive—radically abstracting the portrait. Can the 'Face Machine' increase our empathy and help to undermine the photorealist regime that has contemporary visual culture so tightly in its grip?

More than 20 lectures at the central location, Babylon am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, attract an audience of 700 international professionals—illustrators, filmmakers, digital designers, and artists convene with producers and talent scouts from studios, channels, start ups, advertising and consulting agencies. The Forum section presents focused sessions on changing markets and industry disruption, and fosters matchmaking and collaboration opportunities. 

The second location, cultural center ACUD hosts the Character Lab, with workshops both analogue and digital, demos of new games and VR productions, and additional panels on digital and interactive formats. 

#CharacterStareDown #CharacterFaceOff

participating artists are:

Sophia Jansson (FIN)

Alberto Vázquez (SP)

Alex Jenkins/Nexus Interactive Arts (UK)

Alex Norris (UK)

Benjamin Vedrenne (FR)

Cachetejack (SP)

Charlotte Mei (UK)

Danette Beatty (US)

Darren Dubicki/Aardman (UK)

Edel Rodriguez (US)

Encyclopedia Pictura (USA)

Ged Sia (LT)

James Curran (UK)

Jim Stoten (UK)

Kévin Gemin (FR)

Marika Makaroff (FIN)

Réka Bucsi (HU)

Smithe (MX)

Tartaruga Feliz (BR)

Victor Castillo (CL)