Adam Sjoberg

shake the dust

I may not have what you have but I can do what you can do

Shake The Dust” tells the story of living in the rather gritty slums of this planet... but that’s basically where the drama ends already. Instead it delivers a joyful and very entertaining tale of how music - and even more so: dancing - can be a life-changing force that shouldn’t be underestimated. Breakdance might have started in the streets of the Bronx in NYC but it certainly has spread worldwide ever since. Indeed, today’s “b-boys” and a growing number of “b-girls” hone their gravity-defying breaking techniques in every country of this planet. From the Brazilian favelas to the ghettos of Cambodia or Yemen, the documentary reveals how breakdancing today acts as a positive force for social change.  

“Shake The Dust” truly gives a message of hope and provides an amazing soundtrack of global hip-hop samples - and some of the best breakdancing moves as a bonus. Oh, and Nasir “Nas” Jones didn’t only deliver the original score, but works as an executive producer as well.



Now available on Vimeo on demand.