After Blue

Dirty Paradise

French whispers, sparkling glitter and gold and neon colours kick off the teaser for After Blue, a nightmarish sci-fi horror fantasy from French filmmaker Bertrand Mandic.

It's hard to make out the plot from the teaser, but this erotic sci-fi acid western takes place in a distant future where humanity has left Earth for the strange planet After Blue, a planet where only women can survive. Young Roxy, the daughter of the colony’s hairdresser Zora, digs up a criminal buried in the sand. The criminal kills three of Roxy’s friend-enemies, before escaping. A miscarrige of justice occurs when Roxy and Zora get wrongfully accused of the murders, banished from the colony and damned to track down the killer in order to avenge the murders. Imagine a vicious alien landscape packed with toxic gases, slime-encrusted crystal entities, and fashionistas, where brutality and grace duet to the rhythm of a techno beat + there is a Louis Vuitton cyborg there.

Forget about the usual stereotypes over a presumed, natural and fertile femininity, as the women on this planet bear no resemblance of that. The “dirty paradise” in which Roxy and her mom live gives a whole new meaning to “femme fatale”.

This movie is nothing short of spectacular. If you have been longing for what looks like a maddening lucid nightmare you won't be able to wake up from, hold on tight for this year’s edition of the Fantasy Filmfest, as it will be screened there.