Antagonist Survival Kit

Since its inception in St. Petersburg in 1999, KRAKATAU's slogan has always been the "antagonist survival kit". KRAKATAU urban gear defends against rain and cold, adjusts to changeable weather conditions and is fitted with hidden features. The more challenging weather conditions are, the more useful KRAKATAU clothing is.

Fall-Winter 2021/22 CRYOGEN collection is inspired by cryogenics, a branch of physics that studies the behavior of materials at sub-zero temperatures. In this collection KRAKATAU is using the thermal conductivity of carbon, the far-infrared radiation of coffee shells and the insulating capacity of recycled plastic bottles.

The brand founder, nicknamed 'LX Krakatau', likewise decided to create outerwear inspired by St. Petersburg, where he moved in the 1990s, only to be shocked by the cold and rainy weather.

"At first, I made a simple jacket, then decided to do something cooler. We began to incorporate ventilation systems, protective lower-body flaps and ergonomic hoods in the jackets, which are a must in St Petersburg. We wanted to make really cool gear, not just 'sew, sell, forget.'"  says the brand founder in an interview with RBC. As such, the company began to make warm wind and waterproof jackets, acquiring the slogan "antagonist survival kit" in the process. Jackets from the latest collections use graphene insulation, which helps retain warmth throughout the entire surface of the item.