Asger Carlsen

Drawings From the Hand


The New-York based artist Asger Carlsen is coming back to Berlin for a second solo exhibition titled “Drawings From the Hand” at the Dittrich & Schlechtriem Gallery. This time the artist presents fictional hybrid bodies of earlier series but also to create photographic ‘objects’ with 5 pigment prints of digitally synthesized photographs.

You will see how the artist constructs a raw and amorphous materiality that blends textures - resembling flesh, metal, or concrete - with sometimes futuristic-looking surface structures.

Carlsen is working with his electronic pen tweaking the gestural vocabulary of Photoshop image editing.

Thus, Asger Carlsen’s solo show transcends the conventional boundaries of sculpture, collage and classical drawing to cultivate a zone of referential inbetween objects that exist beyond the categories of idea, draft, and material implementation.

Don’t miss it, the opening will be on Thursday 25th of June at 6 pm and the exhibition will run until the 1st of August.