Donna Stevens

Idiot Box

" None of them talked or moved during the shoot. I didn't direct them in any way. And even though I was positioned right in front of them with my camera, they barely noticed me " Donna Stevens.

Is TV one of the greatest - or worst - invention of the 20th century? The debate will not take place here but there is an undisputable fact that the black screen has a huge power on human brains. Either it is for propaganda, entertainment or information - the flat screen is everywhere for everybody.

Donna Stevens captured children staring at today’s omnipresent screens of the TV in her series called “Idiot Box”. The portraits show the other side of the screen where the kids have their mouths wide open or do an unintended silly grimace. The darkness of the background though, with the screen’s light only focusing on the faces, gives a strange disturbing feeling.

Stevens’s aims to question the role of technology in our society and explore the effects it may have as children are exposed to it at such a young age at such a high volume.

" Should we exhibit more caution about the role of technology in our children's lives? Is our techno-paranoia warranted?  No matter what gadgetry we may possess, do our problems remain human?