The LB Project

this is it!

After a year of travelling Europe, The LB Project's first edition is finally over. The LB Project is a european art project through skateboarding and has been created to bring people together for a good cause. Sharing skills, ideas and love for helping each other was the main goal.

Everything started in Berlin, July 2014, during the Bright Tradeshow. Then the LBP moved to Copenhagen at Street Machine, Barcelona at FTC, Paris at le Point Ephémère, Amsterdam at Ben G and the final show was in May 2015 in London at Parlour.

This art project will be nothing without the help from the artists : Michael Sieben, Todd Bratrud, Jeremy Fish, Fos, Jeremyville, Kid Creature, French, Mike Kershnar, Chad Eaton, BB Bastidas.

Each artists hand painted on blank skateboards to make art accessible to people but especially to support Skateistan. Half of the boards were offered to Internet users and the other half were donated to Skateistan.

Stay tuned for The LB Project edition 2 coming soon!