Titanium 2 Step

“It’s about chord progressions, resolutions, returning home. Take that and throw it into a blender of modern electronic tools like glitching devices, or use melodic lines and take them and regurgitate them and pulverise the traditional stuff but at the same time try and retain harmonic relationships while completely smashing them up”.

Everyones favourite art-rockers - for a lack of a better word - will be back with a new album titled “Juice B Crypts“ via Warp on October 18.

Battles are now officially a duo, and maybe that's why there's quite a few guest-appearances on the forthcoming longplayer, as Shabazz Palaces, Tune-Yards and even Jon Anderson (remember Yes?) will contribute amongst others. The first single “Titanium 2 Step“ features Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid fame, and you can listen to the whole thing below.