“He was a wise man, who invented beer“ - Plato

As Germans, we certainly have no problem agreeing to that. We love our purity law, our beer garden culture, the countless micro-breweries, and as proud Berliners, the lack of any kind of curfew, which allows us to celebrate the greatness of alcoholic beverages without getting into pressure fueling mode like the majority of our friends from abroad still tend to do. A stout though, still is kinda challenging for us since we’re not calling a significant stout (or porter) history our own. So obviously we were more than happy to accept that challenge when Hackney based micro-brewery Beavertown introduced us to their latest coup by the name of “Ger’onimo“.

“Ger’onimo“ is the collaboration between London’s finest brewery and Jameson Irish Whiskey, a limited edition with a run of 3000 bottles, Jameson cask-aged stout that will just arrive in time for St. Patrick’s Day. So how did this rather unusual partnership actually happen? “I met a guy from Jameson at Duke’s Brew and Que a few months back, and being a brewer I jumped at the chance to talk about barrels and the idea of possibly collaborating together“, Logan Plant, the proud owner of Beavertown explains, “the people at Jameson have been so supportive of us, they understand what we embody as a craft brewer and we share the same values.“ In Middleton, Cork - where the world’s supply of Jameson  is stored and aging - Plant was meeting Mr. Ger Buckley, not only a fifth generation master cooper but one of only two coopers left in Ireland. On selecting the casks with Logan, Ger said: “Logan and I discussed the charred notes of the wood, and the flavour and warmth the whiskey casks would infuse in the stout. The casks selected were some of our rarest, having previously been used to finish our 18 year old Jameson Whiskey.”

The result is a very rich and bold Imperial Stout by the name of “Ger’onimo“. The name could not have been chosen any more adequate as it isn’t just a manifesto to the fearlessness of everyone involved but a well-deserved nod to Jameson’s master cooper. With Lucas Hunter and Fin Greenall we invited two of our British friends over to add some much welcome expertise to the evening, and while they weren’t too happy about the absence of appropriate glasses, they couldn’t help but feeling seriously impressed by the unique yet well-balanced flavor of the stout. So, yeah, you better keep your eyes open and treat yourself with one of these bad boys for this particular St. Patrick’s Day.

Prost, cheers & sláinte!