Berlin in wonderland shows the rebirth of Berlin after the Cold war from artists and activists who lived this period of freedom. The exhibition shows a selection of 50 pictures out of 200 (all featured in the book) from 7 different photographers who were part of this movement.

Photographer Ben de Biel is one of the main artist of the exhibition. His pictures are a gentle mixed between documentary photography, vernacular photography and memorial work. The Berlin based photographer manages to represent his town through different periods - From the bohème Berlin of the 90’s, the squat movement, and the counter-culture that makes the Berlin of today with its miscellaneous genres from the club-culture to the libertinism.  

Photographs by Ben de Biel, Hendrik Rauch, Philipp von Recklinghausen, Stefan Schilling, Hilmar Schmundt, Andreas Trogisch, and Rolf Zöllner.

The photographic exhibition, “Berlin Wonderland”, will be held at Urban Spree Galerie Berlin on 05-08 June 2014. On this occasion, the book will also be signed by the photographers and be available for sale.