Henrique Oliveira


Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira has completed his largest installation to date titled Transarquitetônica. It is mainly made of tapumes, which is a type of wood used in São Paulo as a fence to protect construction sites. It also means “fencing”, “boarding” or “enclosure” in Portuguese. The artist recycles those wood pieces, and transforms them into a skin nailed to an organic framework.The artwork looks intentionally like a giant root from the outside and like a cavern from the inside.The space given by the museum was so large that Oliveira had to expand the installation into a fully immersive environment. Viewers are invited to enter in the installation. This special aspect provides a unique musical and physical experience.

Transarquitetônica is exhibited at Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade in São Paulo until the end of november 2014.