call for entries

Bike Smut 8 wants to see your ideas on the human/bicycle condition. They need you to share your feelings on sexuality and/or mobility challenged. For the occasion, you are asked to show what happens to your body just before and just after you ride.

Whatever what kind of film you make, they'll show it. It’s free, and there’s absolutely no rule - As long as it is about sex and bikes. Bike Smut is looking for horny bikers to open their desires. Moreover, they want an unprecedented amount of explicitly expressed verbal consent.  How can you express your desires? How can you demonstrate a sexy way to get consent? This is what your film should be about.

So what are you waiting for? You have until Friday, August 1st  to submit an original and sexy film. On bikes.

You make it easier for bikers to talk about sex. You make it possible for sex fiends to enjoy biking. You make your community stronger and more aware. You share these things with people you care about because it improves their lives. All you have to do is make a movie.