O'Neill - Munich City Surf

O’Neill is always on the hunt for the best surf spot, so the brand decided to think outside the box and came up with a crazy idea. What if the perfect wave wasn't in the ocean? What if there was something better than the sea and the beach? What if we could surf in a major European city? O’Neill had to explore those unconventional water, so they threw an event where artists and surfers performed in the Eisbach river – A unique suffers haven in the middle of Munich.

For the occasion, O’Neill invited Dj and producer SEPALOT, artist Christian Hundertmark/C100 and seasoned surfer Simon Strangled to live an exclusive experience. Whether SEPALOT is behind the decks, Christian in the graphics studio or Simon riding the wave – they’re all joined and united by their true passion: surf, surf, and surf.

Watch the spray fly as O’Neill captures the three characters casually carve the waves on film at the Eisbach as captured by filmmaker Lukas Tielke/ peoplegrapher - unleashing their passions and creativity for daily life, alongside a shared thirst for the ultimate surf.