"With the mass-exodus of Puerto Ricans to the mainland U.S. as well as economic decline accompanied by displacement of our people and traditions, we hoped to capture the essence of these festivities. By their very nature and existence, these festivities are a form of celebratory resistance."

Buscabulla - the rad Puerto Rican duo consisting of multi-instrumentalist Luis Alfredo Del Valle and songwriter, singer, designer, DJ Raquel Berrios - are about to release their debut album “Regresa“ via Ribbon Music on May 8. Even though both were born and raised in Puerto Rico, they actually met and formed the project after they've met in 2011 in NYC. After hurricane Maria ravaged their native island though, they decided to return to Puerto Rico to feel at ease with their roots - and work on their album.

Their fascinating journey is captured in a short documentary directed by Chris Gregory-Rivera & Michael Kirby Smith. Check the teaser out below.