Chad Eaton


Today shed the light on a special collaboration between Element and TIMBER!. This premium capsule collection includes selvedge denim, a work shirt, jackets that will match different characters, a good selection of textilies, accessories and lumberjack suspenders that completes the look. Let´s get adventurous!

It’s been a couple years since we interviewed Chad Eaton, the mysterious artist behind Timber!, but his latest collection was a good reason to find out more:

Hey Chad, what are you up to today?
Today is interesting. It’s my first day back in LA after two months of traveling. I'm trying to catch up with everything, especially since I had everything stolen from me in Greece. First things first, I need to go buy some pens and redraw a bunch of stuff that got stolen...

You've grown up quite a bit from doodling a pretty crude lumberjack during your screen printing days to now having created the upcoming TIMBER! capsule collection for Element. How does that feel and how has it come together?
It feels like a natural progression. I've been working with Element for 8 years now. This collection is definitely the best so far. We are also working on some future things that I’m also excited about. I always like watching the evolution of things, especially my own art.

Which one of the four different characters that you created for the collection do you identify with the most? Can we look forward to comic strips with them?
I think they all have have different traits that come from me. I just divided myself into 4 characters. I've been working on a book/comic for years, but I can't find the time to actually finish it... maybe I need to find a partner that is a writer.

The lumberjack / forest theme seems to be your fantasy land. Where are the roots for these themes?
I think I've always just liked this backdrop, maybe it's because I’ve lived my whole life next to Southern Californian beaches. Maybe it's a classic case of "the grass is always greener on the other side". It's always more interesting for me to create something based on something I'm not surrounded by. It's more of an escape that way.

Please name five items a man should own.
I can only think of three: two testicles and a penis.

The last time we chatted, you were interested in wood carving and furniture building. Were you able to bring that to life?
I have thrown that dream away, haha. At least for now. I recently sold all my saws and tools I had for this. As time went on I just ended up spending more and more time at a table with a pen in my hand. I will leave the woodworking to the experts and will focus on drawing and painting (which i like best).

As your favorite kind of wood is free wood… what was your best find so far?
Yeah, I still collect wood to draw on even if I don't plan on building anything with it. I think one of the best things I have found is an old wooden display case with a glass door on it. I am still saving it because I'm planning to put a wooden diorama in it.

What attracts you to flea markets? Please name a flea market we should check out.
I love old things. Things with history and with cool design. I'm really looking for anything when I go: toys, books, paintings... I don't go there looking for anything in particular. I like the surprise of seeing something and finding a connection with it. The closest best market next to my house is the Pasadena City College flea market. It’s always fun to spend a Sunday there.

Future projects?
I’m working on a bicycle collection with Element that is going to be fun because when it gets released I will be riding a bicycle through Europe to promote it. Other than that: the usual Timber! stuff.