Charlie Lyne

beyond clueless

Teen movies have a huge influential power on every kid - and beyond. Each generation has it owns predilection for a particular kind of coming-of-ager. Who didn’t dream about being like this or that character you’ve just seen on screen? To dress, to listen to the same music or to behave like the main character of your favourite teen movie?

Well, “Beyond Clueless” is an extensive documentary study which examines the phenomenon of this genre. It gathers together and edits footage from over 200 of modern classics between 1995 and 2004.

In related news: “From Weepies to Chick Flicks” was analyzing the history of the so-called “chick flick” genre in the film industry, reflecting the dreams and longings of young modern women.

Today, "Beyond Clueless" weaves together a comprehensive visual essay exploring the tropes behind a distinct segment of American film history. Narrated by Fairuza Balk and directed by Charlie Lyne, the documentary provides an in-depth look that guides us through an era everyone can somehow relate to. 

Available as VOD on itunes. In movie theaters on April 29th.