Childhood Intelligence

at Gr_und Gallery Berlin

Objekte Vol. 2 - A meeting of strangers, together wondering through Slumberland.

Gr_und Gallery, Seestrasse 49, Berlin, 13347, Germany


28th March: Soft Opening // Supported by KALE
29th March: Grand Opening // Supported by Lodown Magazine & Fieldink Studio
After Show event  “Childhood Intelligence OBJEKTE” @Leuchtturm, Plötzensee 
Music By: GEN-Y, Alexia & Venus News Network 
From 22:00 / Nordufer 26, 13351 Berlin Germany


05th April: Closing Event with “Plastic Bag” Album Release, Folk-Electronics Musique Concrete by Charles Dubbois & Manuel Chittka, Kuntari, Cotenius
Gallery Opening Hours:   
Tuesday - Thursday 15:00 - 19:00


"Like a forgotten garden of wild flowers, a faint hummin of nearby melodies, elusive essence of the familiar, cultural abstractions, transformed frame by frame…"
“Objekte” - edited or altered, „das Werk“ / „die Arbeit“, … Something perceptible by one or more of senses, especially by vision or touch; a material thing, an intention, a feeling of infatuation, something intelligible or perceptible by the mind.

An erratic journey through underground art....

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