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Three might be the magic number to some, but in actuality, it takes two to make a thing go right. Undoubtedly, duos, particularly in the rock genre, possess a unique intensity and chemistry due to their need to produce a sound that surpasses the perceived boundaries of their two-piece status. Consider Death From Above. Recall Steely Dan. Think Japandroids. Rock’s history is actually bursting with musical couples that raised more than just an eyebrow. And Australian power-twosome Hockey Dad certainly belongs to this illustrious circle.

Hailing from Winding, New South Wales, Zack Stephenson (guitar, vocals) and Billy Fleming (drums), aka Hockey Dad released their debut EP “Dreamin“ ten years ago already. What started out as a fun project of two childhood friends jamming in their parents’ garage soon turned into a serious headliner shortly after their debut was released. Three albums, a matured sound, and hundreds of live shows later, Hockey Dad has proven themselves to be an indispensable force amongst the indie crowd. With album number four in the pipeline, the band - now a trio thanks to the addition of live bassist Steve Bourke - is ready to take over stages with their upbeat blend of all things rock in clubs and at festivals in 2024. 


Moreover, Hockey Dad just recently teamed up with Volcom Entertainment for a rad capsule collection.  Particular collab between the relaunched V-Ent program and the band is actually a match made in heaven, since Billy and Zach are longtime brand ambassadors with a strong passion for skateboarding and surfing. The resulting collection represents their take on the Volcom garment they love and consists of a loose-fit denim, t-shirts and a few accessories all graced with the cool trademark logo of Hockey Dad. Now, let’s rock!