20 years of CHOCOLATE

at the House of Vans London

After showcasing 20 years of Chocolate in LA and New York, the exhibition is on display at the House of Vans London from the 7th to the 13th of November. Free Entry!

Celebrate the first twenty years of Chocolate Skateboards with the works of Evan Hecox, archival photos, original sketches, board graphics and more.

“At the very heart of Chocolate, the most defining piece to its inception was Chico. This big circle of friends left their sponsors to start Girl and there was no room for Chico in the van. Literally. The original guys on Girl were all packed in a van, leaving on a sort of “secret” tour and they could not fit Chico in. He was in the parking lot with his bag when they drove away. In April of 1994, eight months after the launch of Girl, we went back for Chico, and some other great and talented friends and they became part of this amazing adventure. We celebrate the first twenty years of Chocolate with this special exhibition featuring the visual history from this amazing trip.” - Megan Baltimore