win a three day test drive

Being independent from fuel pumps or charging stations*, driving noiseless and exhaust-free might make unu electric roller the ideal urban vehicle. 

I was quite amazed how the unu roller glides through the city without any noise-pollution. Of course you have to be alert, that pedestrians or cyclists might recognize you a little later, but at the same time you'll be able to absorb the acoustics of your passing environment completely. Enjoy the experience!

Lodown & unu are able to share a three day electric ride experience in Berlin! Just send us an E-Mail to bug (at) lodownmagazine.com with the subject "unu", your preferred dates (no guarentee, be quick!) and your contact details to be part of the raffle.

* The portable power pack can be easily recharged from any ordinary household electrical outlet. Anyone with an ordinary license to drive a car or moped is allowed to drive the unu scooter, which has a range of more than 50 km with one battery or 100 km with two batteries.