last songs

Its been a while since i sat in the kitchen of Berlin-based illustrator and family man Jan Utecht, who is also known for being the Frontsau of German Black Metal outfit OCCVLTA. While drinking beer and talking about anything and everything, he gave me my first tattoo that night, and played to me lot's of übercool 60s rock stuff that i've never heard before- so i invited him to take part in our mixtape series. Finally,  he got back to me last week, but instead of compiling the stuff i was longing for, he sent this no less exciting mixtape, and included the following words:

"I had the idea for a Femme Fatale mixtape about three years ago, while watching movies that featured dark female songs: The Nightporter, Silence of the lambs, After hours, and so on...and I also discovered Zola Jesus and Nico's solo albums about that time. But there was no reason and no hurry, I just started to make a list of songs. Three days ago I decided to put it together. Chelsea Wolfe and Lana Del Rey don't appear in my newsfeed day by day anymore, so this mix is my personal Woodstock celebrating the death of this Zeitgeist phenomenon. Take part! No bad copies after the release of this mixtape- it's over, you're too late. Femme Fatale is dead! I hope you enjoy my mixture."


Mütterlein, Nico (1970)
Deathbed, Anna von Hausswolff (2012)
Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte, Marlene Dietrich (1931)
The Sinking Belle, Sunn O))) & Boris (2006)
The End, Sibylle Baier (2006)
Anglesite, Jack November (2014)
Lovesick, The Vanishing (2004)
Musette and drums, Cocteau Twins (1983)
Pariah, Danielle Dax (1983)
Goodbye horses, Q Lazzarus (1988)
Poisoned Candy, Molly Nilsson (2008)
Coming to, Runhild Gammelsæter (2008)
Gloomy Sunday, Diamanda Galás (1992)
Glory Hallelujah, Sabbath Assembly (2010)
Evil overshadows Joe, The Poppy Family (1969)
Is that all there is?, Peggy Lee (1969)
Abschied, Nico (1970)
The end of the world, Skeeter Davis (1962)

Portrait by Guido Stüwer