Claudine doury


Even if everyone went trough this strange period called adolescence, the phase itself remains mysterious and thus a common artistic topic. But what did it look like to be a teen in a former Soviet summer camp? French photographer Claudine Doury spent around ten years (starting in 1994) documenting Artek, which was one of the largest summer camps for kids in Crimea.

In her series she presents the Russian youth, with a clear focus on young girls, as they try their best to deal with loneliness and boredom and uprise and seduction. The photographs actually are giving an almost similar vibe as “Virgin Suicides”, Sophia Coppola’s breakthrough movie where time is kind of suspended.

«  Adolescence is situated at a turning point in life. Adolescence is the crossroads of all possibilities. (…) James Agee wrote, “Adolescence is a kingdom of fallen and still falling angels, but it is yet a kingdom.” »

Claudine Doury has won many prizes such as the Leica Oscar Barnack award in 1999, the World Press in 2000 and the Prix Niepce for her entire work in 2004.