Tyler Fernegal


Economically Detroit might have seen better times, but artistically the city is delivering another kind of beauty, full of new inspirations; just check how Detroit became a common topic either through movies (e.g. Gosling's “Lost River” or Jarmusch's “Only Lovers Left Alive”), photography, paintings, and lately even more so through acrobatics.

Just recently professional BMX athlete Tyler Fernegal had a ride in the abandoned Silverdome stadium in Detroit where it used to host the Detroit Lions, Wrestlemania 3, AMA Supercross and FIFA World Cup soccer games before it was shut down for good a few years ago.

Thus, in this Red Bull film project, Fernegal turned the now-defunct Silverdome in Pontiac (Michigan) into his own personal playground.

«The last time I was inside the Silverdome was nine years ago at the last amateur supercross race I attended when I was 10. (…)Being out on the field, it was crazy to think that there once was a motorcycle track there, every year, with all the fans, but now it’s nowhere near the same. It’s like a war zone.»