the exhibition

A major exhibition on David Cronenberg’s work will take place on June 22nd at EYE in Amsterdam. Organized by TIFF and curated by Piers Handling and Noah Cowan, the show seeks into the director’s world through the main themes of his films: the physical and psychological transformation of his protagonists.

The exhibition is an exploration of the dangers of reality TV and a critique of our contemporary media culture since Cronenberg is one of the only director of his age who really focuses on the relationship between body, mind, technology, and mass media. For the occasion, people will be invited to look at objects and attributes from Cronenberg’s films including pictures, audiovisual fragments, artwork, set design and props, such as the helmet from “Videodrome“, the game console from “eXistenZ“, the surgical instruments from “Dead Ringers“, the leg braces from “Crash“, and the typewriters from “Naked Lunch“. The museum will also screen Cronenberg’s complete work divided into three distinctive themes.

The David Cronenberg exhibition will be shown from June 22nd to September 14th at EYE in Amsterdam.