The Dream Is Over

Crimea X, the fusion of the two offbeat, disparate characters, DJ Rocca (Ajello, Super Sonic Lovers, Maffia Sound System) and Jukka Reverberi from italian cult indie band Giardini di Mirò were brought together by the common passion for cosmic imaginary soundscapes, where Kraut rock fuses with the predilection for Marxist thought and political stories of the last century. The end product is a tantalising myriad of musical styles and tongue in cheek ethos, satirising the socio-political climate of our modern era. We heard their live shows really kick ass. We don’t know about it yet, but here’s what we know: the mix they did for us for sure does! Hands down, it’s one of the best we got so far!

Right at the moment Crimea X are working on this project Crimea X meets Carpenter where they do live covers of Carpenter tracks while visuals taken from Carpenter movies go in the background. An EP of the Carpenter covers will be released at the end of september on italian To Lose A Track in collaboraion with Hell Yeah Recordings. Don’t miss that one! Now hit play!


01. Battiato - Beta
02. Maf Graef - Mullholand Drive
03. Steve Moore - Panther Moderns
04. Margot - Castel
05. Legowelt - Videophone To Space
06. Stefano Torossi - Feeling Tense
07. Bruce Gilbert - Epitaph For Henran Brenlar
08. 221 Out - Ovest
09. Stratus - Automaton
10. Andy Meecham - Roland SH 101
11. Riccardo Cioni - Fog
12. Cherelle with Alexander O'Neal - Saturday Love (Instrumental)
13. Crimea X - Haunted Love
14. Gigi Masin & Tempelhof - Red Venus