Die Drei Clementinen

in der Vollreinigung

Friday 10th of February at 19.00h we recommend another Vollreinigung event to you: The grand opening of 'Die Drei Clementinen' a collaboration of artist Guillaume Pellay, Quentin Chambry and Alexis Poline.

Vollreinigung is a space run by artist in the ugliest part of Berlin Kreuzberg, just joking...

Quentin Chambry, Guillaume Pellay and Alexis Poline are guys from the late 80's living in Rennes, Brest and Angers. They are part of Moderne Jazz crew, 126 Gallery team and Éditions Peinture. Linked by their friendship, their common tastes and their reflexions on the Art Thing they are united since 2 years under the Les Trois Clémentines banner (Die Drei Clementinen).

The artistic practice of Quentin Chambry is mainly focused on drawing and self-publishing. His artworks are also purposes for commissioned work for skate brands or music labels. His practice get extended to different medium as painting, graffiti or ceramic, interests stolen like their cooking recipes to the artists invited at Gallery 126. The world he develops is composed of flowers, kneaded vases, and is inhabited by a lot of strange mood characters.

Guillaume Pellay's activities are made of various gestures and productions. These activities are linked in an intimate territory composed of cultural and aesthetic references which can be commonly judged opposed. His work depend a lot of the environment where he evolves, approached like a material. His painting work, which is mainly composed on wall in the form of graffitis, is in several ways linked to other practices like gleaning, collecting, reading or dancing. His work is located at their point of junction with storytellings as a general framework. 

Educated in dojos, Alexis Poline started graffiti by the hip hop side after some years breakdancing with good mentors. Over time, he developed a strong pictorial work on walls, whereas his paintings stood out of the classic graffiti aesthetics. Today his production extends also to other mediums as big canvases, fanzines, posters or fabrics. Usually he works in short series about one subject : variation on bridges, sky's evolution during the daytime, graffiti letters covered by a drape or mixed with a vehicle, etc.

Raum Vollreinigung
Artist-run Project Space by:
Clemens Behr, Stefanie Kägi, Julius Dörner and 44flavours.

U-Bahn: Prinzenstrasse
Entrance right of Gitschinerstrasse 59 
Postadress: Wassertorstrasse 65 
10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg