Electronic Beats

20 Years Anniversary Book

Since twenty years already, Electronic Beats is known for exploring the intersections of electronic music, media and (pop) culture in general. Today, on March 15, the long-running platform celebrates its anniversary with the release of a beautifully designed, 304-pages strong book.

The Electronic Beats book features contributions from creative minds like Dixon, Max Dax, Bryan Ferry, Irina Baconsky, Daniel Wang and Billie Eilish amongst others, as they muse on topics such as virtual escapism in times of the pandemic, the female pioneers of electronic music or the role of brands and music in a post-label era.

Alongside these longform features and essays are exclusive photo galleries as well as drawings by celebrated artist Stefan Marx.

Available in selected stores - or order it on their very own website.

Electronic Beats / book / hardcover / 23 x 28cm / published by Blumenbar