Curated by Roberta Tenconi, this exhibition is an immersive new project combining installation, sculpture, collage and performance in an investigation of childhood dreams - and of fantasies and fears in which children are the protagonists.

The Dream Machine Is Asleep brings together a wide selection of works, including the installation and video Stomach of the World, 2017, and the series of sculptures Theatre of Speaking Objects, 2012, in addition to new projects such as the installation The Dream Machine Is Asleep, 2018, which invades the space with a giant bed, an oneiric generator of stories and ideas.

Born in 1982, Eva Kot'átková uses her work to investigate the internal and external forces that influence human behavior, in particular the institutional rules and educational systems that can manipulate and produce situations of control.

Pirelli HangarBicocca | Milan, Italy
15 February - 22 July 2018