the fisherman's son

Anglet surf film festival

For it 12th edition, the Surf Film Festival in Anglet, a French commune on the Southern west coast of France, has recently rewarded  “The Fisherman’s Son” from Chris Malloy, which follows legendary Chilean surfer Ramon Navarro.

The filmmaker chose to follow Navarro to his native shores to talk about his story, from the beginning at Punta de Lobos as a fisherman’s kid to his world fame as a surfer. Navarro isn’t only famous for being one of the best professional surfers able to surf on the world’s biggest waves, he is known as well to be a fervent activist to protect the environment. In Chile he became a huge star, working with the government in order to preserve the Chilean coasts. “The movie is simply sublime, a touching story of an exceptional surfer” declared the president of the Jury, Frosty Hesson.


Another movie received a lot of love: “Headache”, a German movie filmed by Felix Gänsicke in the cold waters of the Northern hemisphere (Scotland, Iceland, etc). They are quite unusual images in this field – when it’s about surf we are more used to hot and sunny places – but this obviously adds up to making it even more impressive and breath-taking. Moreover, the soundtrack fits perfectly, and the editing is flawless. A must see.