is pumpin' it up

The CONS Skate Team is down to skate, chill and represent the latest One Star Pro. The european part of the tour is already in full swing and was hitting London, Manchester, Madrid and Bordeaux so far. Up next is

> Paris, FR / Nozbone on the 23rd of July

> Antwerp, BE / Lockwood on the 24th July

> Amsterdam, NL / Ben G on the 26th July

> Cologne on the 27th July > 4 pm signing session at Pivot, 6pm demo at KP686

and last but not least
> Berlin on the 29th of July > 5pm frontrow at Civilist, 6pm demo at Pappelplatz

Swing by to see Kenny Anderson, Louie Lopez, Jake Johnson, Zered Bassett, Mike Anderson, Jason Jessee, Ben Raemers, Sage Elsesser, Aaron Herrington, Eli Reed, Tom Remillard, Sammy Baca, Don Nguyen, Sean Pablo, Harry Lintell, Jonas Hess, Danny Sommerfeld and Daniel Pannemann.