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uptake fear

Brazil's blooming film industry certainly is one to watch, and lately it's a handful of dark and fairly twisted thrillers that caused quite a stir with the festival crowd. It seems as if “Uptake Fear“ - directed by Kapel Furman, Armando Fonseca and Gurcius Gewdner - will be another remarkable entry.

The “Uptake Fear” project was developed by visual artist and filmmaker Kapel Furman (“Pólvora Negra”), directed by Furman and Armando Fonseca (“Desalmados”) and Gurcius Gewdner (“Almoço na relva”), they approach their personal fears against the metropolis which they live. They exposed their terrors in a story that breaks the boundaries of society and the unbearable anguish of life in the process of the construction of a psychopath. “Uptake Fear” invites the viewer to break the limits of social behavior as the journey goes from real to surreal in a path of violence, blood and the metastases of reality.“

The film will have its world premiere at the XI Fantaspoa next Sunday, May 31. Watch the first trailer below.