Flow Festival 2014

Vessi`s visual diary

Every summer around mid-June it starts: The annual FLOW or NO conversation. How is the line up? Is there enough Jazz? Is it worth going? And of course the expensive tickets and ridiculously priced beverages can be a deal breakers for some.
Lately there have also been criticism about the festival growing too big and too mainstream. But the growth have come with some pleasant side effects: Tailgating at the close by parking lots, morning swims at the nearby pier or hosting dance parties at the close by docks. 

These side effects are most definitely some of the things that makes my Flow Festival weekend something to wait for. And don’t get me wrong, I still do love to squeeze myself in a fenced area and try to look important while chit-chatting about whether it was good or bad decision to book Skrillex. Or debate over which food booth sells the best seitan. Can’t wait till next year.