Berlin Skate rats

WE THE PUNKS is the new music video from Berlin-based music producer FOOOL, shot by French filmmaker Jonathan Peters.  The video shows a day in life of skateboarder Carolina and her friends in Berlin. Filmed with black and white 16mm film material in a rough and vibrant style, it translates the flickering, fast and bass-heavy vibe of the track.

“It’s a very short track – 100 seconds. A good chance to create something dynamic,” Jonathan Peters says. “I tried to describe the teenage stage of life how I experienced it: Being out in the streets every day, but still not really being part of any kind of society,” FOOOL explains his idea for the track.

Accompanying the music video, JB. Institute has published a photo zine with image material from the video. The physical premiere of the video with exhibition and a FOOOL live-set happened in the new studio and showroom of JB. Institute and StudioTrouble™ on Sept 12, 2020. Following up with a digital premiere right here on lodown. The photo zine is available at:



FOOOL is a producer from Berlin. Combining broken beats, gritty melodic synths and kraut-ish guitar riffs, FOOOL delivers eclectic tunes and heavy bass. His latest record “Shoplifter 2000” was released on KANN Records.
Jonathan Peters is a Berlin-based filmmaker from France. His work spans from music videos, art films to skateboard related imagery. JB. Institute is a Berlin-based art and book publisher.