frédéric doazan


The image of the woman that’s given by advertising, magazines and celebrity culture sure is one that’s heavily removed from reality. Brilliant and disturbing at the same time, animator Frédéric Doazan managed to present a portrait of today’s society with his short film “Supervenus“.

Beginning with a medical diagram of a woman, the animated video shows a systematic reworking of the female form that brings our sickest corporal thoughts to life. Shown in the blatant style of medical illustrations the film is silent aside from the squishy noises that accompany each action performed to the subject. As Doazan remarked in an interview for Arte, the image of a cerebral woman is always avoided like if the brain should be pink and made of plastic. So the conclusion on this one unfortunately is: the Venus of the 2000’s basically is a Barbie doll with no intellect at all.