the 5 elements

It's rather unlikely, but in case you've missed the good news: Lenny McGurr aka Futura 2000 will be back in Berlin tomorrow.

“The 5 Elements is not a retrospective show. On the contrary, Futura worked specifically on a large museum-style conceptual exhibition, tackling the ambitious theme of the Creation of the Universe, confronting himself to the cosmos, the planets, the infinitely small, the Big Bang and the fundamental elements, producing a corpus of works that becomes a personal path to the exploration of the universe and of course of Futura’s internal galaxy. The works are displayed starting by the Big Bang, going through the birth of the solar system and to our perception of the 4 elements.“

The Opening Reception will go down on Friday January 11th, 2019, in presence of the artist.

The exhibition is one of the largest solo exhibitions of Futura to date with more than 60 original paintings on display.

Futura “The 5 Elements“ / 11.01.2019 – 24.02.2019 / Urban Spree Galerie / Revaler Str. 99 / 10245 Berlin