Future for Skateboarding?

Leo Valls of Bordeaux

How is DC Shoes’s Leo Valls is Creating the City of the Future for Skateboarding?

The story of Leo Valls and his hometown of Bordeaux is an unlikely one to say the least. It’s a story where skaters, artists, lawmakers and city officials are working together to create a more skate-friendly city. But this is more than just a story about one skater and one city… this a story about redefining skateboarding’s role in the city of the future.

Rather than confine skaters to skateparks, Leo got officials to allow skateboarding at some of the best city center spots during certain hours, where it had previously been illegal. The city even let Leo’s crew skate and film inside the Historic Opéra National de Bordeaux. The culmination of Leo’s ambitious vision was the PLAY! Project for Liberté Bordeaux, an exhibition of playable and skatable installations displayed in public spaces. The skateable art pieces were placed in public spaces throughout the city, free for anyone to play, skate, nap, eat, or sit on.

DC Shoes presents its latest Yours for the Taking piece featuring Leo Valls...