Berlin - September 2016. On occasion of the Art Week Berlin THE GALLERY STORE brings together an eclectic selection of contemporary art, print, design, photography, fashion, product design and many more things. Thereby our focus lies in offering affordable works and special editions for everyone by over thirty Berlin-based and international artists.

With contributions by renowned New York music photographer Jonathan Mannion who shot some of the most iconic hip hop covers of the last twenty years from Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt (1996) to Gucci Mane’s recent album Everybody Looking (2016), to new works by Amsterdam-based artist Boris Tellegen, aka DELTA, who originated as one of the early European pioneers of the graffiti all the way to Ignorant People apparell by French tattoo-artist and founder of the “Ignorant Style“ FUZI, who also tattooed the actress Scarlett Johansson. 

Grand Opening: Friday, September 16, 2016, 6 – 11 PM.

Art: Boris Tellegen DELTA, Brad Downey, SKKI, Thomas Marecki, Nomad, Evol, Clemens Behr, Sebastian Haslauer, Superblast, 44 Flavours, Cheaptattoo, Germes Gang, Jeroen Kramer, Favela Painting, Jeroen Kramer, Carmi Grau, Christian Hundertmark C100, Monja Gentschow, Anton Unai, Michael Wiethaus aka “Mixen“ , Nadine Goepfert, Uuuh!, Memo llie aka Mymo, Flexn.

Photography: Jonathan Mannion, George DuBose, Andreas Gehrke, Roman Goebel Alex Flach, Manuel Osterholt, Jonathan Schmidt-Ott, Peter Lorenz, Lennart Brede.

Design: VIU Eyewear, Cucula - Refugees Company for Crafts and Design, LLOT LLOV, VK Lillie, Jule Waibel, llot llov, Accidental Concrete, unu,  einhorn, YoMats, Willick, MAMMU, Papertrophy, GOOD Jewlery, The Good Store, Falling Whistles - Berlin, Pirjo Marx, studio hammel, Ané Ané.

Fashion: New Black Sweden, Ignorant People, D.P.H.C.,  LOOKYLOOKY, Sooph Berlin, Zazi Vintage.

Books: Spector Books, Possible Books, Drittel Books, Lodown Magazine, EyeEm Magazine, DISTANZ Verlag, LOST in.