comes thru with "SNOW BEACH"

When Kimou Meyer aka GROTESK caught Wu Tang’s “Can It All Be So Simple” video on a Music Television network, MC Raekwon sported a windbreaker decorated only with the words "SNOW BEACH" across the chest—a fascinating and entirely confusing statement for the Swiss artist, whose theories about the jacket’s meaning drifted far and wide in the pre-Google darkness. As an huge Wu fan and Raekwon disciple to this day, Meyer knew it had to add up, but couldn’t figure out exactly what it added up to.

That is, until moving to New York City seven years later and noticing whole cliques of the graffiti scene that he studied decked out in unexpected combinations of Ralph Lauren POLO. Such went GROTESK’s indoctrination with the tenets of the Lo Life movement—how a prep-inflected style, confidence and camaraderie popularized by a Brooklyn crew could grow to influence countless communities from Geneva to Tokyo. 

As both a student of and participant in NYCs subcultural trend machine, his interest and admiration only reached new heights as time passed, and so did the clothes themselves, some items commanding four and five figure sale prices. Today, the "SNOW BEACH" jacket is perhaps the most sought after.

GROTESK’s "SNOW BEACH" sculpture is an homage to this fascinating subculture and the only city that could have given birth to it, and a tribute to one of the greatest MCs to ever pick up the mic. Designed to be “as minimal and crisp as a POLO windbreaker,” each piece comes enclosed in a wooden “Ralf Grotesk” sarcophagus to protect it from dust, snow, the beach, and whatever corrosive elements lurk in New York City and beyond.



Edition of 20 + 3 AP
Sprayed Acrylic on Red Nordic Pinewood 
50 cm x 18,5 cm x 11,4 cm
Comes in a screen printed poplar wood box and a unique hand drew, signed and numbered certificate by the artist.