kamchatka, Russia

The best surfers of the world headed to Russia earlier this month for the 14th  Edition of the Nixon Surf Challenge in association with Monster Energy, Reef and Lomogrpahy.
Surfers such as Benjamin Sanchis, Jonathan Gonzalez, Eric Rebière, Marlon Lipke, Marc Lacomarc, Gony Zubizaretta, Vincent Duvignac (2013’s winner), Kepa Acero and William Aliotti competed in the peninsula of Kamchtka, Russia.  

The invited surfers were under difficult conditions. The weather was foggy and the water frigid. Moreover, most of them had to battle some heavy jetlag. Despite all of this, surfers we’re still all really motivated to surf for as long as possible, and to brave the water like if they were no tomorrow.

The French surfer William Aliotti finished overall winner of the week-long, peer-judged surf contest and adventure. The cold water didn’t seemed to bother him at all. The Russian waves were like any other waves he had surfed during the last six months. The 21 year old surfer had been traveling around the globe for half a year, and impressed everyone at the Nixon Surf Challenge when he took the cold waves like if it was nothing.

A magic scenery, soviet sorrow, quality beachbreaks and an awesome crew of friends – that’s the winning formula making this event an unforgettable experience.