guy hollaway

Folkestone Sports Park

To see the things bigger is very trendy in the 21th century, not only in Dubai, but also in our everyday life. Things are getting more complex. Guy Hollaway is the kind of architect who likes skyscrapers and skateboards, so why not creating a site of six floors and 1000 square meters only dedicated to sports on wheels?

If everything works out, this dream is about to come true. The Folkestone Sports Park’s project would start by the end of 2015 in the small town of Folkestone in the south of UK. Indeed, the project became public with a consultation, so that local people and future users can see current proposals for themselves and express their opinions.

The skate park will be the world’s first multistory facility of its kind. The sports park will accommodate a variety of popular urban sports including skateboarding, BMX-ing, rollerblading, scootering whilst also attracting trials riders and climbing enthusiasts, furthermore the proposal has the potential to provide a boxing club. The ambition is to focus on the youth of the Shepway District and draw a National and International following for the park.

Put Folkestone on the agenda of your next years holidays.