How to read in the dark?

Group exhibition

Grimmuseum is pleased to present the touring exhibition "How to read in the dark?", presenting artists from Lapland. The exhibition, curated by the Estonian artist and curator Tanel Rander, engages with the idea of darkness from different perspectives and presents 20 contemporary lappish artists. The exhibition is part of the events for the 25th anniversary of the Artists' Association Lapland.

The title refers to darkness and adaption to it – darkness in its physical, social and metaphoric sense. It relates with the location of Lapland, but also with the ongoing geopolitical reality in Europe, which could be seen as the arrival of a new dark era. The exhibition discusses over the relations between the light and the darkness, that often unfold, when differences and confrontations emerge.

Opening | Friday, 19 June, 6 pm
Exhibition | 20 June - 26 July 2015
Opening Hours | Wed - Sat, 2 - 6 pm