inspired by sound

Some people live for sound. It's a constant quest. They create  sounds, found new ones, mix them, and convert them. They just can’t get enough. Those people redefine the boundaries of sound. They have a momentum. Sennheiser gathered with a group of talented artists in order to develop the MOMENTUM project. The project includes artists such as Nik Nowak and his futuristic sound sculptures, Di Mainstone who transforms bridges into gigantic instruments, and Bruno Zamborlin who turns any touchable object into a musical instrument just to name a few.

In this 2 minutes video, Imogen Heap holds the future of music in the palm of her hand. Her new project, the Mi.Mu gloves, which were designed in a bid to lure musicians back out from behind their computer screens, away from the buttons and controls and onto the stage. Transforming any hand movement into sounds, the Mi.Mu gloves blur the boundary between musician and machine, taking the art of song creation to a new plane.