pure freestyle 17.-20. January

18/01/2019 Crap Sogn Gion Slopestyle 12:00 Finals 

19/01/2019 Crap Sogn Gion Halfpipe 09:30 Semi-Finals 17:30-19:00 Finals 

Snowboarding, sound and style, The LAAX OPEN returns as the usual top-class snowboarding event. Over the course of one week, the world’s best riders will battle round after round as they make their way towards this World Cup finals scheduled on Saturday the 19th of January. 

Save the date to kick-start your weekend on Friday, 18 January 2019. 

The best place to start off the weekend on Friday is on the mountain with the slopestyle finals featuring the top six ladies and ten men (from 1 p.m.), taking on a descent along the P60 towards rocksresort, where Swiss artist ‘Stress’ will perform his greatest hits live at 7 p.m., along with new songs featuring DJ Santo, rapper M.A.M. and singer Karolyn. Then it’s on to the Riders Lobby (10 p.m.) for a hip-hop live show from snowboard pro Olivier Gittler and his band Leopard Ale. Finally, the Riders Club will host the LAAX OPEN after-party with an international DJ set. 

The mountain is open from 8.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday. There are lots of ways to enjoy an action-packed day on 19 January, such as spending an active day in the snow and snow parks or swinging by the competitions and soaking up all the sound and energy. Lexx (Phantom Island Records) and Alex Dallas (Drumpoet, Zukunft, Zürich) will be on hand in Satellite all day long. The Hangar – the newest indoor creation of well-being up on the mountain – will invite for electronic live ambient interpretations and djing by Manuel Fischer in a special atmosphere. 

The night premiere of the LAAX 200-metre superpipe is an event not to be missed (5.30 p.m.). The champions will then get their trophies under the night sky in Satellite (7 p.m.), with celebrations to follow in Hangar on the mountain (until 10 p.m.). The big final of the LAAX OPEN for clubbers, featuring disco, house and synth-pop music, will take place downtown at Riders Club (11 p.m.), with a mega DJ set featuring Ruben from Asia (Mannequine), Banzai (Kultursounds) and Marcism (Sauvage, Mad Katz). 

18/01/2019 Crap Sogn Gion Slopestyle 12:00 Finals 19/01/2019 Crap Sogn Gion Halfpipe 09:30 Semi-Finals 17:30-19:00 Finals 

Anyone who has ever been to the OPEN events in LAAX will know that they offer a sizeable dose of passion for all things lifestyle and freestyle. Action, freedom, community.