LDWN Podcast 05

Shepard Fairey

The fifth episode of Lodown’s podcast series “The Lodown Chronicles - Meet Your Maker“ sees an in-depth conversation between Lodown’s Marcus Ludwig and LA-based artist Shepard Fairey.

In very late January, we had the honor of speaking to the one and only OBEY, the Giant, which goes by the name of Shepard Fairey. Shepard is a true pioneer, an amazing artist with a rich history to say the least, a DJ with an awesome taste in music, an activist and the founder of a label named OBEY. You should have heard of it. Besides all that he simply is a rad, outspoken human being who’s been influencing pop culture since seemingly forever. For a good reason. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Since traveling safely still is only happening in a reality filled with alternative facts these days, we had to reach out to Mr. Fairey via Zoom a few weeks back instead - guess by now we’re all used to the sometimes careless recording quality it implies, right?!