LDWN Podcast 09

Eddie Otchere

The latest episode of Lodown’s podcast series “The Lodown Chronicles – Meet Your Maker’ features an entertaining and educational chat between two of Lodown’s original UK ambassadors, writer and journalist Goetz Werner and photographer extraordinaire Eddie Otchere.

Having met in 1995 at the seminal drum&bass night Metalheadz at the legendary Blue Note club in London’s Hoxton Square, Goetz Werner and Eddie Otchere quickly became Lodown’s UK tag team. With Goetz doing the interviews and writing the features and Eddie taking the pictures, the two covered the early drum&bass heydays, the burgeoning UK hip-hop scene, some big US hip-hop artists like the mighty Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Mos Def and Talib Kweli and a lot of other DJs and musicians from across various musical genres. Always the finger on the pulse, the two often featured future stars in Lodown magazine way before the mainstream media latched onto them.

Over the years Eddie became one of the most iconic music photographers in the UK. Goetz moved into filming and directing and has established himself as a successful director.

This podcast series is friendly supported by Sennheiser.