Lost Souls Of Saturn

The Awakening

Remember the time when you were sitting naked in that drum circle, beating the drums so ecstatically your third eye hasn't closed ever since? If so, then this one here certainly is for you!

“Lost Souls Of Saturn’s multidisciplinary conceptual transmissions continue apace with ‘The Awakening’ – a stunning short film with epic scope and accompanying single release. The short film follows the quest to trigger revelations in psychic entanglement by disrupting transmissions from the malevolent Holoverse – a frequency that is used to enslave minds and generate oppression.“

Primarily LSOS are Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa, plus further opaque participants congregating to combine music, imagery, and storytelling into an inextricably linked whole, all wrapped-up in a philosophy of their own making. Great stuff, indeed!!! “The Awakening“ will be released on vinyl, download and stream via R&S Records this spring. LSOS are preparing their debut album for release in June.