Alexander Iskin


April 6 - June 8th 2019

Opening night: Friday, April 5th, 18-21h

Catch Alexander Iskin’s new exhibition, #bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthuuntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk at SEXAUER

Two years ago Alexander Iskin destroyed his computer and smartphone during a performance at the Sexauer Gallery and disappeared from the social media. Then he worked in Havana, Mexico City and Los Angeles. After a solo exhibition in LA, he locked himself up in a castle hidden among the fields and rivers of Saxony-Anhalt and devoted himself solely to painting. The result is, according to the artist's terminology, „interrealistic" landscape paintings, which will be exhibited at SEXAUER, also during the Gallery Weekend.

"I see our planet as a vulnerable little ball flying around in the infinity of the universe. With its constant rotation and its everyday changes. Without the artificial borders made up by the human kind. I wanted to paint the earth this way – the way I feel it. I rotated the painting to be a part of my planet’s rotation. I wanted to live through the randomness of existence by losing every upcoming cliché by turning the painting to another perspective. The title of the exhibition comes from “Finnegans Wake” and is a sequence of the word “thunder” in ten extinct languages. The earth is in upheaval and thunder is an upheaval too."

By means of a special rotation mechanism, the paintings can be rotated by 90 degrees on the wall, therefore the images do not have a fixed upper, lower, right or left side. As such, the viewer has influence on the formal properties of the picture and indirectly on the content. In addition to the landscape at the river Saale, the books "The Overview Effect" by Frank White and "Finnegans Wake" by James Joyce provided inspiration for the new works.